Please read the following policy to understand our pet policy, this policy may change from time to time,
so check back periodically.

  1. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any pet.
  2. Guests may bring usual household pets such as dogs and cats to a resort. No other animals, livestock, poultry, reptiles, insects, or exotic pets are permitted.
  3. All pets must be registered with the office and vaccination records must be available upon request, and all pets must wear a collar identifying the owner and phone number.
  4. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and under the control of their owner. If left in a vehicle and the pet is in distress, we will take action to remove pet from vehicle. (At owners’ expense)
  5. Pets must not be left tied or otherwise unattended at any time. Including in our picnic areas.
  6. For the protection of, and in consideration to other persons, noisy, aggressive, vicious, unruly, or poisonous pets are not allowed at a resort. Persons who are unable to control their pets must remove them from the resort, or the animal may be taken to/by local animal control authorities.
  7. The owner of any pet is responsible for any injuries or damages caused by their pets. In addition, the owner of any pet that causes injury or damages to another is expected to resolve the issue directly with the injured party. We are not responsible for any injuries or damages caused by pets.
  8. Guests are responsible for their pets and MUST “clean up” after them. All pet droppings must be properly disposed of in a trash receptacle.  Doggie stations are located throughout the resort.
  9. Pets ARE allowed in designated areas, including but not limited to the office, recreation room, laundry room, grassy picnic areas.
  10. Pets are NOT allowed in or around Pools or Mineral Spas, and Restrooms.
  11. Pets under 25 lbs will be allowed in certain rental units. Please note that any guest wishing to bring a pet and use a rental unit must advise Reservations of this fact when making their reservation arrangements.
  12. Pet policies may vary by resort and are subject to change without notice. To learn about specific pet policies, please contact the resort directly.
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