Resort Policies

  1. Check In/Check Out: RV Site check-in time is 2:00 PM. Tiny Homes/Hotel check-in time is 3:00 PM.  Check out or re-register by 12:00 Noon.
  2. Resort fees: All fees will be collected at check-in. Only funds drawn in U.S. dollars will be accepted.
  3. Site Assignment: Generally, once a site has been assigned to you it is yours for the length of your stay.
  4. Sewer requirements: All sewer connections must seal and lock airtight. CA law prohibits the use of formaldehyde products in your tanks.
  5. Unattended sites: Please notify the office if you will be leaving your RV unattended overnight. Unattended RV’s may be removed from the site at the owner’s expense.
  6. Grass sites: Do not place mats, carpets or room additions on the grass. All chairs and tables must be on the concrete when not in use.
  7. Ground Stakes – Grass sites: Please do not put stakes in the ground – you may damage our underground irrigation system.
  8. Watering: Watering occurs every morning/evening. (According to season)
  9. Landscaping Maintenace: Occurs daily throughout the park.
  10. Ground Stakes – Desertscape: Please do not put stakes in the ground near the trees. They may damage our underground irrigation system.
  11. Resort Courtesy: Please respect your neighbors – DO NOT cut through their site. Quiet time is between 11:00PM and 8:00AM.
  12. Speed Limits: Speed limit is 5 mph while in the resort.
  13. Fires: Wood fires are NOT permitted within Riverside County limits. Small outdoor propane fireplaces are okay. (Weather Conditions Permitting)
  14. Site vehicle limits: Maximum of one RV and two vehicles per site. Please contact the office at check-in if you need storage for additional vehicles. All vehicles must be parked on concrete pads only.
  15. Guests Responsibility: All guests are responsible for their conduct and that of their visitors, children & pets and for any damages resulting from their actions.
  16. Children: Children under 14 must be under direct adult supervision at all times and follow appropriate safety rules while biking, swimming or participating in any other activities.
  17. Vehicles: All vehicles driven within the resort must be reasonably quiet and can only be driven on roadways. Only licensed drivers may operate a motorized vehicle within the resort.
  18. Pets: We welcome well behaved pets. Pets must be on short leash and not left unattended. Pets are allowed in resort buildings & grassy areas. Pets are NOT allowed in or around Pools or Mineral Spas, and Restrooms. Owners must pick up after pets. Aggressive behavior towards guests or other pets will not be tolerated and guest may be asked to leave the resort.
  19. Soliciting: No soliciting of resort staff or guests is allowed on the property. This behavior is considered disruptive and you will be asked to leave the resort. This does not include resort events planned in advance.
  20. Sprinklers: All sprinkler adjustments are done by resort staff, please contact the office if adjustments are needed at your site.
  21. Clotheslines: Temporary clotheslines are allowed at your site to dry bathing suits and towels. Clotheslines may not be attached to trees, fences or buildings. Guests may be asked to remove a clothesline if deemed inappropriate or intrusive.
  22. Facilities closures: Facilities may be temporarily closed for private parties, activities, maintenance or other health and safety related issues. Please observe all closed signs as posted.
  23. Firearms: Firearms must be kept in a safe and secure place in accordance with State and Federal law. No loaded firearms are allowed within the resort.
  24. Trees/Bushes: All trimming is done by resort staff, please contact the office if there is an issue at your site.
  25. Satellite Dishes: Please place satellite dishes as close to your RV as possible and use weights, not stakes, to secure them.
  26. Smoking: CA law prohibits smoking in all buildings. The patio and swimming areas are non-smoking areas. Please observe no smoking areas and dispose of your cigarettes properly – do not toss them on the ground.

Sam’s Family Spa Resort reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and ask them to leave the resort if necessary. No refunds will be issued if we feel that there have been disturbances to the community.

Park Managment reserves the right to ask anyone not abiding by our rules or causing a disturbance to vacate our premises with “NO REFUND”.  Managment is NOT responsible for loss due to theft, fire, wind, flood or any other act beyond our control.


Cancellation Policy: 48-hour cancellation notice required. There will be a $23 cancellation fee for all cancellations. No refunds for cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice. No refunds for early departures or no shows.

The Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. The Management and Park will not be held liable for accidents, injuries or loss of property under Civil Code 799-23 and 799-29.

Sam's Family Spa
70875 Dillon Road
Desert Hot Springs, CA 92241

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